Victory Children's Home

Our Mission

“We are dedicated to provide a better world for the children who are less fortunate and ensure they become upright and fruitful citizens, contributing to the betterment of the country with a bright future.”

Our Vision

“Provide a loving and caring environment for children who are in need, children who are orphaned, abandoned, abused and vulnerable. We are devoted to improve the lives of those children by providing them with love, care and affection they deeply desire and deserve.”

Our Main Goal & Objectives

To maintain our children’s home situated in Kirillapone,
where every child is taken care of with love,
respect and security, providing them
opportunities for spiritual, emotional,
physical and intellectual development identifying
their individual capabilities and

Join us as we spread seeds of Hope…

There is a great opportunity for you to become partners of this work.

We will raise a child for you…

We welcome sponsors who would like to express parental love and care for a less fortunate child.

Gifts, Donations, Grants and Contributions

As gifts, we welcome Birthday gifts, or any special gift / gifts to a child / children and we will ensure that you receive a handmade “Thank You Card” from the respective child / children along with a letter.

If you are interested in sending gifts / donations in kind, please contact (+94) 777 414 417 or (+94) 7777 24438